Hello, Heart-Centered Entrepreneur!

I'm Kim Coots - Business Strategy & Success Coach. I'm passionate about guiding coaches, healers, teachers and thought leaders like you to create and enjoy a business and lifestyle that you love, so you can make the impact you're here to make without sacrificing your health, wealth, or joy.

Despite the cookie-cutter business systems you may come across in books or on the world wide web, there is no "one-size-fits-all" business strategy. What works for one person may not resonate with another. Utilizing a strategy that is not in alignment with your purpose, gifts, values, and passions may actually backfire on you, causing frustration and costing you precious time and money.

You know what I'm talking about if: 

  • Instead of feeling clear and empowered about how to successfully grow your business, you're uncertain and conflicted about what strategy to use.
  • Instead of making the impact you know you're here to make, you're stuck behind-the-scenes struggling to get all the business pieces in place.
  • Instead of enjoying a prosperous business and lifestyle that you love, you're feeling burnt-out and doubting if the business and lifestyle you desire is possible.


 If you've expended your precious time, money, and energy: 

  • Researching business strategies and systems, only to become more uncertain and conflicted about what you should do.
  • Learning principles to empower your mind, yet still holding yourself back from being the confident leader that you know that you are.
  • Investing in coaches, training or programs and finding that you:
    • don't resonate with their system or values
    • weren't aware of additional investments you'd need to make in order for their system to possibly work
    • still had missing pieces to the business strategy puzzle
    • didn't finish the book or program and moved on to¬†another one
    • didn't get¬†the return on your investment (results) you expected
    • were taken off track with your true purpose and passion
    • got lost in a¬†sea of other people in the program and didn't get the support you needed
  • Going back to the drawing board again,¬†trying to decide what you should do next...


I Want You to Know You Are Not Alone!


It took me years, and a lot of frustration, to realize that there are many ways to create a successful business, but the methods that align with your purpose, passions, gifts, and ideal lifestyle are the key to creating a prosperous business that you love, without wasting precious time, money, and energy.

 I know what it's like to

  • Know you have an impact you're here to make, and struggle with how to turn your purpose into a prosperous business
  • Worry if you are enough or that you'll have enough as you build your dream business
  • Feel stuck in uncertainty about what to do next
  • Fear you'll fail at business (or actually fail, like I did several times before I learned what I know now)
  • Let your loved ones down because you invested precious time, money, and energy but didn't get results
  • Dread doing things in your business you don't enjoy, but think you need to do to be successful (one of my dreads is social media & it turns out I didn't have to use it to build a 6-figure business!)

 I also know how to go from struggling to successful

I'm passionate about guiding heart-centered coaches, consultants, healers and teachers like you because:

  • You have a powerful purpose and impact to make
  • The world is in need of your gifts
  • It IS possible to enjoy a prosperous business + lifestyle that you love, without sacrificing your health, wealth, or joy
  • Creating a business strategy aligned with YOU is the best and most enjoyable way to build your business

I also know the importance of creating the right business model to support you during life's challenging times...

In July 2020, my worst fear became a reality when my only child, Keira, died unexpectedly shortly after her 26th birthday. Then, my mom died unexpectedly 3 weeks later. My world was turned upside down.

Devastated and deeply grieving, there was no way I could work at full capacity. I also encountered several physical health issues.

In order to create space for grieving and healing, I restructured my business in a way that allowed me to serve my clients and generate the income I needed in a non-stressful way. 

These experiences and the divine guidance I received throughout my journey helped me to create the Divinely-Aligned Business‚ĄĘ Framework that I guide¬†entrepreneurs through today.


I can help you design YOUR ideal success formula that incorporates all the main business functions of setup, sales, marketing, service & finance. There are 8 Key Components to Creating a Prosperous Business + Lifestyle that lights you up:

1. Your Soul Purpose

2. Your Empowered Self

3. Your Business Model

4. Your Ideal Marketing

5. Your Sales Process

6. Your Business Systems

7. Your Service Flow

8. Your Financial Mastery

What makes my work unique is:

I utilize Proven Success Strategies with Sacred Empowerment Practices to help you:

Deeply Know Your Self & Your Soul Purpose

So that you make the impact you're here to make without sacrificing a lifestyle that lights you up instead of burning you out. 

Create a Success Strategy You're Excited About

By¬†tailoring and implementing the 8 Key Components in my Divinely-Aligned Business‚ĄĘ Framework based on your gifts & goals.

Step Into Your True Power to Serve & Succeed

By helping you transform what keeps you stuck, own your divine worth, and be accountable to achieving your goals.

About My Professional Certifications/Training/Achievements:



  • Successful 6-figure coach
  • CEO of¬†Vision to Results¬†- helping CEOs and leadership teams of $1MM-$50MM turn their vision into profitable results.
  • Best-selling author
  • Online course creator
  • Over 30 years of leadership and business development, mainly as an Integrator/President/COO.
  • On the leadership team of companies who achieved 26th Fastest Growing Company in the Inc. 500, and one of twenty-five Forbes Small Giants.
  • Certified Science of Success Instructor for The Napoleon Hill Foundation.
  • Professionally trained as an EOS¬ģ Implementor by EOS Worldwide and former¬†EOS¬ģ Implementor
  • Served on the leadership team of two companies listed in the book¬†Traction.
  • Background in marketing, including branding, messaging, web design, graphic design
  • Online marketing expertise, including email marketing, inbound marketing, and online courses
  • Sales and business development
  • Personally trained with some of the best internet marketing experts in the world.



  • Master Energy Medicine Practitioner - Certified by Dr. Alberto Villoldo of the Four Winds Society
  • Professional Astrologist -¬†trained by Debra Silverman
  • Ordained Metaphysical Minister
  • Reiki Master/Teacher¬†
  • Law of Attraction Coach
  • Women's Empowerment Coach
  • Grief Coach


It's Time to Grow a Prosperous, Impact-Driven Business that You Love!

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