Kim Coots is an evidential medium, astrologist, and energy healing practitioner. Although she’s been an Inc. 500 award-winning leader with over twenty-five years in the business world, Spirit kept calling her toward another path of service.

Kim always knew she was meant to be a “Connector for Spirit”. Her spiritual gifts awakened in 2003 when she began training as an energy healer. In 2004, she received a visit from her deceased grandfather who gave her a message that her grandmother would be transitioning soon and he would be there to greet her. Two months later, her grandmother died unexpectedly.

Kim also received a visit from a deceased loved one with a message that there would be an upcoming death in the family, but Kim didn’t know who it would be. Two months later, her only child, Keira, died unexpectedly from an accidental fentanyl overdose.

Kim’s personal tragedy changed the trajectory of her life and career. She began receiving signs from Keira just days after she died, and Kim gratefully realized that her connection with Keira continued. She chose to answer the call from Spirit to share her gifts of mediumship with others by becoming a Professional Evidential Medium.

Now Kim helps the living connect with their loved ones in Spirit through evidential mediumship readings; bringing forward loving messages of hope and healing that can be validated by the living loved one. Kim also teaches workshops on how to connect with loved ones on the Other Side on your own.

Kim attributes astrology to being a powerful tool that helped her find purpose and meaning, understand her unique gifts, and answer her soul’s calling. She chose to train as a Professional Astrologist at the highly-acclaimed Debra Silverman School of Astrology, and completed all three levels of training. Kim believes every soul has a path and purpose and she provides astrology readings to help others discover more about their soul path and purpose.

As an energy healing practitioner, Kim is certified in several energy healing modalities including Reiki Master/Teacher and Energy Medicine by Dr. Alberto Villoldo through The Four Winds Society. She offers energy healing sessions to help people transform stress and bring mind, body and spirit back into balance.

Kim conducts personal readings and sessions virtually with people worldwide; and she presents and teaches workshops to groups both virtually and in-person.

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