Kim Coots - Bio:

Kim Coots is a Spiritual Empowerment Counselor,  Certified Evidential Medium, and Ordained Metaphysical Minister.

Although she’s been an Inc. 500 award-winning leader, succeeding in the business world for over twenty-five years, Spirit had a different calling for her. Kim’s spiritual gift awakened in 2002 when she received her first visit from Spirit.

Kim was skeptical and uncomfortable about mediumship and after-death communication (ADC).  But personal tragedy changed the trajectory of Kim’s life and career when her only child, Keira, died unexpectedly from fentanyl poisoning.

Learning how to connect with Keira on the Other Side and find proof of life after death became Kim's greatest desire. She spent years researching ADC, studying mediumship, and developing a new relationship with Keira. 

Kim had no intention of providing evidential mediumship readings to others, but her training and certification required it. She became passionate about serving as a professional evidential medium when she witnessed how profoundly healing and validating evidential mediumship readings to those on earth and in Spirit.

Now Kim shares her gifts of mediumship to bring loving messages of hope and healing to others, and help shift the common misperceptions of mediumship in our society.

Kim provides evidential mediumship readings, empowerment counseling, and training to women who desire to connect with their loved ones in Heaven and find hope, healing, and purpose after loss.

Professional Certifications/Training:

  • Certification of Master Evidential Medium by world-renowned medium, Bonnie Worth
  • Certification of Master Energy Medicine Practitioner by Dr. Alberto Villoldo of the Four Winds Society
  • Ordained as a Metaphysical Minister and currently completing a PhD in Metaphysical Counseling
  • Certification of Reiki Master/Teacher 
  • Certification of Grief Coach
  • Certification of Advanced Healer Practitioner
  • Certification of Reconnective Healing Practitioner by Dr. Eric Pearl
  • Completed shamanic healing training with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies
  • Completed all three levels of astrology at the world-renowned Debra Silverman astrology school

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