Do You Desire to Connect with Your Loved Ones on the Other Side? 

Discover the Healing Power of an Evidential Mediumship Reading   

Participating in an evidential mediumship reading can help you:

  • Find validation that your loved one is okay and still with you
  • Receive messages of hope and healing from loved ones in Spirit
  • Have the closure that you weren't able to get when your loved one is here physically
  • Cultivate strength and courage to live after loss
  • Feel more at peace
  • Know your loved one is still with you
  • Experience a love between worlds

Sessions are conducted virtually via Zoom so you can experience a reading from the comfort of your own home!

50-Minute Reading: $150


Kim Coots is an Evidential Medium, Grief Coach, and Spiritual Counselor. She personally knows that the death of a loved one can be the most difficult experience you'll ever have.

Kim has known that she's a "connecter" for Spirit for most of her adult life. The unexpected death of her only child shifted her path of service from Inc. 500 award-winning business leader to sharing her gifts of mediumship. She provides validating, evidential messages of love and hope on behalf of loved ones in Spirit so that others can experience the healing power of mediumship, too.

Kim wants you to know that your loved ones really are still with you, and the Other Side does exist. 

"Kim is an exceptionally gifted and talented evidential medium. Her connection to the other side is undeniable. Kim's gentle and loving demeanor create a safe place for you to be held and cared for through your loss. She provides accurate, inspiring, and loving messages from those who have passed further validating life after death and that love never dies. I highly recommend Kim!"

~ Rev. Bonnie W.

"Kim’s insight connecting with my great grandmother was incredibly insightful for me. It also helped me to make a big decision in my own business. The messages were on point and were only something someone close to my great grandmother would know. Highly recommend receiving a mediumship reading from Kim!”

~ Stephanie M.

"Thank you very much for this reading, I had forgotten so many memories of his love, playfulness, and light-heartedness from before he got sick. Thank you for helping me remember his true essence. I miss him dearly!"

~ Ginger

"I was a little shocked how detailed the reading and evidence was. For him (grandfather) to come through and ask for forgiveness was HUGE. Thank you for your guidance."

~ Tonya W.

"I LOVE LOVE LOVE that you mentioned the kiss!  Our family hellos and goodbyes always consist of a hug and kiss on each cheek. I love that she brought the owl forward – crazy cool! Thank you so much for this reading!  It was amazing, and brought me so much joy!"  

~ Tasha

"This reading really touched my heart. Actually I am in tears as I’m writing this as I loved my father so much and admired what a kind man he was to everyone. Thank you so much for this reading. I really needed this today (as I’m crying my eyes out lol!) Bless you."

~ Bonnie

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Inside Kim's free Guide To Signs from the Other Side, you'll discover how to confidently recognize the signs that loved ones in Spirit send to let you know that they’re OK and still with you.


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