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Meet Kim Coots

Kim Coots is a Success and Leadership Coach who helps visionary entrepreneurs and their teams get unstuck in business so they can achieve profitable results, scale their business, and make a big impact.

She's been an Integrator and business leader for over 25 years, receiving an Inc. 500 award for her leadership contribution in reaching the 26th fastest growing company in America; and she's has led the transformation of multiple 7-figure businesses that were losing money into profitable success. Kim also serves as a leader at a company recognized by Forbes as one of the Top 25 Small Businesses in America.


"Kim actually taught me how to formulate a successful business idea and identify my talents in the process! She is a magician. She has a wonderful and unique ability to eliminate fringe and get to the core. She asks the “right” questions and helps you make choices that resonate with your intentions. I highly recommend Kimberly in growing to the next level."

Pam Furlong
Moonstruck USA

"I was at a place in my life where I wasn’t sure if I was living my purpose or how to be there. Coaching with Kimberly allowed me the opportunity to search my heart, answer some simple but profound questions, and become aware of a very old belief that no longer works for me. The tools that Kim provides and her exceptional way of delivering them has given me a clearer purpose, filled with endless possibilities. And her course is priceless. I am grateful for this gift and grateful to have Kim in my life. She is truly an angel of God living her purpose."

Judy Goldman
Goldman Healthworks

"Coaching with Kim is transformational and powerful. She teaches from a place of wisdom and gently helps me find the answers inside myself. "

Kelly Wilkinson

"From the moment Kimberly and I began working together I was relieved that someone finally understood what I wanted...and then she took it to the next level! It's as if she understands my vision better than I do! Kimberly has provided an outstanding service that is professional and creative and I would highly recommend her!"

Shemane Nugent

"Kimberly was an integral part of my previous company’s achievement of Inc. 500′s 26th fastest growing company. If you’re seeking to develop your business, I highly recommend getting Kimberly on board to create clarity, strategy and execution."

Bob Shenefelt

"I recommend Kimberly to anyone who desires to make positive life changes and accomplish their goals. "

Bronson Arroyo
Major League Baseball Pitcher

"In working with Kimberly, the company now has leadership that was needed to get to the next level in our business. Because of Kimberly we now have accountability, employees are happier, clients love us and we are now a profitable company. Kimberly is one of the most encouraging people I have ever meet, and is amazing to work with. She is an asset that was a long time needed at our company."

Dana Quesada
Operations Manager

"Kim walks and breathes her work. Thank you Kim for taking the time to articulate a clear road map to places we all need to find within."

Shanda Sumpter
Heartcore Business

"Kimberly Coots has been instrumental in getting me organized, branded and ready for internet marketing. Kimberly's coaching style is intelligent, gentle and very, very encouraging. She has given me the technical and emotional support I needed to get my book and business launched. I have already referred Kimberly to friends."

Patty Shaw
Entrepreneur | Author

"Kimberly gently guides you on a journey of self discovery, helping you embrace the beauty of who you are. What greater gift can we receive than learning to be our authentic selves and expressing our full potential?"

Saskia Roell
Entrepreneur | Author

"It has been an honor to participate at the workshop. Your vision to slowly, yet so powerful reconnect with myself has truly inspired and helped me very much. You have a very simple approach, which makes it so easy for beginners like me to connect with new ways of thinking and looking at things. Finding myself during this whole process was a true treasure. Thank you so much for sharing your gifts and vision with us."

Anya Geyer

"I've never had anyone personally guiding me & helping me along the way like you do. You are very inspiring & motivating! I love the non-judgmental atmosphere you have provided & the awesome ladies I get to connect with. It feels so good to take this time for myself & my health. I already feel stronger! "

Gin Tidwell

"The insights and exercises that Kimberly shares have the potential to transform unworthiness conditioning and inspire true joy and fulfillment."

James Twyman
Film Producer | Best-Selling Author

"My experience with Kimberly’s course was life-changing. Throughout the course, I used the tools Kimberly presented and was able to realize what my gifts are and also realized that I actually am using my gifts every day. As a result, my change of perception led to a new business opportunity! Thank you so much for giving me the tools to help me realize my own potential."

Jennifer Schulte
Business Woman

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