Grief Support & Spiritual Healing for Women



Grief Support & Spiritual Healing for Women


Your loved ones in Spirit REALLY ARE still with you & the Other Side does exist.

Hi, my name is Kim Coots. If you've found your way to this page because you've experienced, or are preparing to experience, the death of a loved one, my heart goes out to you. I know firsthand how indescribably devastating the death of a loved one is.

If there was only one thing I could tell you, it would be this: your loved ones in Spirit REALLY ARE still with you and the Other Side does exist. Knowing this opens a self-discovery path of hope, healing and purpose.

If you're a skeptic about life after death, I can relate because I used to be too. I'll share with you some of the ways that I now know it does exist and you absolutely can connect with the Spirit World...


Many women struggle with feeling stuck in the darkness of grief, but it doesn't have to be this way.


I found that it's common for grieving women to want or even need to connect with their loved ones in Spirit, but fear and doubt keep them from experiencing the love that still exists. Although they may be receiving signs from their loved ones on the Other Side, they wonder if it's real, or worry people will think they're crazy, so they hide it and keep searching for proof (or they think they aren't "gifted" enough to be able to experience a connection with the Other Side). 

The truth is, these fears and doubts can hold them back or even block them from experiencing the depth of love that still exists, and the hope and healing this connection leads to.

The statistics on how grief impacts addiction, depression, anxiety, divorce and suicide are staggering. When a colleague of mine committed suicide after her husband died, I knew I had to share my story and teachings to support others in finding their way out of the darkness of grief.



Loved ones send signs from the Other Side.


The spirit world communicates differently than we do here in the physical world. Messages can come through many methods, including intuition, thoughts, feelings, symbols, dreams, and more. Intuition is the primary language of spirit, and intuition comes in many forms, which I cover in my trainings.

In September of 2004, my grandfather who died in 1987 came to me in a vivid dream to tell me that my grandmother, whom I was very close to, would be dying soon; and not to worry because she would be safe and he would be there to greet her as she returned Home to the Spirit World. Two months later, my grandmother transitioned. I thought it was a coincidence.

In May of 2020, that same grandmother in Spirit came to me to tell that there would be death in the family, and not to worry because she would be there.  I assumed it was my imagination due to my fear of the Covid virus impacting my family. Two months later, my world was turned upside down when my daughter, my only child, died unexpectedly. Then, three weeks after the death of my daughter, my mother died unexpectedly.

 Although I received sign after sign from my daughter on the Other Side, I still wondered if it was real or if I was making it up, even though I knew these signs were real.  Coming from a fact-based, data-driven business career as an Inc. 500 award-winning business leader and advisor to CEOs of forty-million dollar companies, I feared others would think I was crazy. I wanted more proof that the Other Side exists and it really was her sending the signs I received.



Discover a new way to be in relationship with loved ones in Spirit.


I secretly began training as a medium and reading everything I could on the afterlife. I also received several readings from different mediums. I never could have imagined what I discovered on my journey!  I learned how to confidently maintain a strong, healthy, loving bond with my daughter in a new way. Part of my mediumship training required doing readings for others. I was amazed at how accurate the messages were that came through, and how profoundly comforting and healing they were for those I was reading for.

Even though I'm still grieving, I find immense comfort and healing by connecting with my loved ones in Spirit and knowing they are safe, well, and still with me. It gives me the courage to keep going without closing my heart. I know without a doubt that my loved ones in Spirit are still with me, and I'll see them again when it's my time to return Home to the spirit world.

Find Hope, Healing & Purpose with the Power of LOVE BETWEEN WORLDS.


I've taken my many years of research and practice to bring my programs and retreats to grieving women in a safe, compassionate space where they can grieve, heal, connect and live with purpose after loss.

I teach women new ways for continuing a healthy relationship with loved ones in Spirit, so they can enjoy love that still exists between the physical and spiritual worlds, and find their way out of the darkness of grief into the light of hope and courage.




If you're seeking grief support that's focused on mending your heart, connecting with your loved ones in Spirit, and living with purpose even though you're grieving, I invite you to request a complimentary call with me to see if my programs or retreats are a fit for you.