The death of a loved one can be the most difficult experience you ever have, especially if they’re someone close to you. Loved ones in Spirit send signs to let you know that they’re still with you and they’re ok, but you may miss or doubt them if you aren’t aware of what they are. Discover how to confidently recognize them inside my free guide.


Hi, my name is Kim Coots. If you've experienced the death of a loved one, my heart goes out to you. I know firsthand how indescribably devastating the death of a loved one is, and how unbearable grief can be.

When my only child died unexpectedly, nothing mattered more to me than knowing she was OK and that I could stay connected with her somehow. Being skeptical of after death communication, I set out to learn everything I could, including training as an evidential medium myself. I never could have imagined where my journey would lead! 

The statistics on how grief impacts addiction, depression, anxiety, divorce and suicide are staggering. When a colleague of mine committed suicide after her husband died, I knew I had to share my personal story of loss and how I discovered the healing power of mediumship with others.

Now I guide women to connect with their loved ones on the Other Side so they can find hope, healing and purpose in living after loss.

Many women stay stuck in the darkness of grief, but it doesn't have to be this way and your loved ones on the Other Side don't want that for you.


Do you find that you struggle with:

  • Worrying if your loved one is OK on the Other Side?
  • Hiding your efforts to connect with your loved one to avoid the judgment of others?
  • Questioning if the signs you receive from your loved one are real?
  • Wondering why you aren't receiving signs like other people?
  • Doubting that you can connect with your loved one because you weren't a born a "medium" (or other people tell you that you can't)?
  • Searching for more and more proof that your loved one is still with you?
  • Withdrawing from others because no one seems to understand?
  • Losing focus on daily life and the things that used to matter?
  • Lacking a sense of purpose or meaning in life?
  • Desiring to connect with your loved one on the Other Side, but you aren't sure how?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, you are not alone.

Your Loved Ones in Spirit REALLY are Still with You and the Other Side DOES Exist.


Knowing this opens a path of hope, healing, and courage.

As a grief coach and evidential medium, I know that it's common for grieving women to want or even need to connect with their loved ones in Spirit as I did when my daughter died unexpectedly. But fear and doubt can hold you back or even block you from experiencing the depth of love that still exists, and the hope and healing this connection leads to.


The truth is:

  • Love and connection doesn't end after the death of the body
  • You can confidently recognize signs from your love one(s)
  • You don't have to be a born medium to connect with the Other Side
  • You can find proof of the afterlife through evidential mediumship
  •  You can find hope, healing, and purpose in living after loss
  • You can connect with your loved ones on the Other Side (either through an evidential medium, on your own, or both)

Get started by downloading my Free Guide to Signs from the Other Side:


Realizing we are more than our bodies, understanding how the spirit world operates, navigating grief in healthy ways, and integrating your intuition are keys to connection with the Other Side.

The spirit world communicates differently than we do here in the physical world. Messages can come through several methods, including intuition, thoughts, feelings, symbols, dreams, and more. Intuition is the primary language of spirit, and intuition works through multiple senses, which I teach in my trainings. 

While your relationship with your loved one won't be as it was when they were here physically, you can have a new, different, healthy connection with them on the Other Side until it's your time to return home to spirit too. This connection can help you find the strength and courage to continue living with purpose, even though you're grieving.

Get started by downloading my free Guide to Signs from the Other Side. I'll also send you additional resources for connecting with your loved ones in Spirit without fear or doubt.

"Kim is an exceptionally gifted and talented evidential medium. Her connection to the other side is undeniable. Kim's gentle and loving demeanor create a safe place for you to be held and cared for through your loss. She provides accurate, inspiring, and loving messages from those who have passed further validating life after death and that love never dies. I highly recommend Kim!"
~ Rev. Bonnie W.