Struggling with Anxiety, Burnout or Frustration?


Struggling with Anxiety, Burnout or Frustration?







Sacred Empowerment

It's time to start living a deeply fulfilling life and legacy so you can inspire others without sacrificing your joy, health, or wealth. I can help.

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I'm Kim Coots, an Inc. 500 award-winning business executive turned Spiritual Empowerment & Success Coach. I'm passionate about helping people who lead and care for others make the impact they're here to make and experience personal fulfillment without burning out.



Many impact-driven leaders stretch themselves thin while caring for others and their responsibilities. The exciting desire to live your legacy loses its luster as you get bogged down with a never-ending to-do list. Your mind never seems to shut off, and you've forgotten what joy feels like. Sound familiar?

Ask yourself if you're tired of:

  • Being anxious, exhausted, or unfulfilled, despite your success?
  • Knowing you're here to make a positive impact in the world, yet you don't seem to have enough time or energy to take care of yourself too?
  • Thinking that if you just get more done, you'll have more time so you work harder or faster (yet, the relief never comes)?
  • Feeling disconnected from your self, relationships or even life?
  • Engaging in self-sabotaging behaviors like over-(fill in the blank)...analyzing, working, eating, drinking, numbing out to cope with stress or trauma?
  • Investing in personal growth programs or books that you either don't complete, or don't get lasting results from? 
  • Settling for a stress-for-success lifestyle that isn't working for you anymore?
  • Wishing you had more clarity to make positive changes in life and/or business?
  • Telling yourself that there has got to be more to life than this?
  • Craving more magic and meaning in your life? 

Living a fulfilling life of purpose should feel like an adventure, not a drain.


 I specialize in guiding impact-driven people like you on a transformational journey, where you'll discover a new level of clarity, purpose, fulfillment, and success that lights you up.


It's not about struggling to do more, improve yourself, or work harder. It's about discovering and embracing the missing element most of us haven't been taught yet...

There are plenty of success products, programs, and books out there to help you achieve more faster. However, rarely do they include how to tap into the wisdom of your soul to discover who you really are and what you came here to do so you can be successful and fulfilled. It's easy to make money and feel burnt out or unfulfilled when your ambition does not align with your soul.


True wealth, vitality, and fulfillment happen when you bring your soul online with the missing element of Sacred Empowerment.

Take it from me: I acquired the success many strive for, yet spent so much money on healing health issues caused by stress and burnout while serving in ways that did not light up my soul. Flaming out from the stress that brought you wealth is poverty in disguise, and it will catch up with you.

Sacred Empowerment is about knowing and honoring your divine worth, tapping into the wisdom of your soul, and co-creating with Infinite Intelligence (however you define Infinite Intelligence to be!) to live a prosperous life of purpose. It's about discovering what you came here to do in this lifetime and enjoying the process (not just the results) of fulfilling it!


What makes my work unique is that I'm a proven business leader and entrepreneur who utilizes a fusion of sacred, spiritual modalities to help my clients create fulfillment both personally and professionally.

I'm expertly trained in, personally practice, and professionally offer energy medicine, astrology readings, shamanic healing, and archetype analysis. These ancient arts and sciences, combined with my Sacred Empowerment Methodology, help you transform your life in powerful, positive ways so you can experience, create, and share what your soul is calling you to with courage, confidence, and uninhibited joy:

Talking about spirituality and leadership may seem taboo...

But the truth is, we're spiritual beings having a human experience, so why would we avoid our true nature when focusing on living our full potential and serving as leaders? 

In fact, I bet you can sense that inner nudge whispering to you right now that you're meant to make a bigger impact in this world, and that there is more to life than this.  That's your intuition calling to you!

Your intuition is your Superpower, and it's the language of your Spirit.

Spirituality doesn’t have to be taboo. Spiritual orientation is as diverse as human beings are, and I'll help you develop your own sacred empowerment journey based on your terms and what feels right for you. Using a multitude of spiritual tools, I’ll help you live your true potential in alignment with your spirit (the energetic expression of your soul) because you are here to make the world a better place without sacrificing your life force energy or joy in the process!

When you're inspired, you're in spirit! Let's get you re-inspired in your life + leadership so you can make the world a better place without sacrificing your life force energy or joy in the process!

Let's Go! Start Here:


Come with struggles and leave with solutions! Spend 90 transformational minutes with me in a virtual session to gain greater insights into YOU, and clarity about actionable next steps to liberate yourself from what's keeping you stuck, so you can create the fulfilling life and/or business you desire. Sessions may include a fusion of success coaching, energy medicine, astrology, and/or archetype work based on your needs and goals.

Investment: $297 USD



Coming September, 2024

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"Kimberly’s wealth of knowledge, tools and experience in both the business world and in the spiritual realm, combined with her calming and nurturing presence, is a powerful combination that helps me unlock clarity and access taking action with ease. Co-creating with Kimberly feels like a gift. Her guidance, practices and inquiries always lead me more authentically back to myself and what I’m here to build. I’m so grateful I get to do this transformational work with her.

Heather Zara

 CEO - Zara Creative

Success Coach for Entrepreneurs:

Are you an entrepreneur (or want to be) seeking support to launch or up-level your business?  I also offer business success coaching - here's how I can help:


For Businesses with Annual Revenue Less Than $1 Million:

Starting a new business from scratch? Ready to launch your thought-leadership movement or up-level your offerings  to include online programs or workshops? I love helping impact-driven entrepreneurs start and/or grow a successful business or movement that you're passionate about from concept to success and everything in-between. 


For Any-Sized Business:

Did you know your business has it's own astrology chart? Discover your business' essence, strengths, challenges, archetypes, and more. Plus, I'll overlay your personal chart with your business chart to reveal insights into your ideal careers, branding, clients, offerings, passions, and more! Be inspired to serve at your highest potential and attract ideal clients you love to work with.


For Entrepreneurial Businesses with Annual Revenue of $1-50 Million:

As a Fractional Integrator and Success Coach who's helped companies go from 6-figure losses to 7-figure profits, I help visionary entrepreneurs of $1-50 million to clarify their vision, solve issues, and ensure they have the right systems, resources, and team to achieve their vision profitably and sustainably.


What My Client's Are Saying:

"I was at a place in my life where I wasn’t sure if I was living my purpose or how to be there. Working with Kimberly allowed me the opportunity to search my heart, answer some simple but profound questions, and become aware of a very old belief that no longer works for me. The tools that Kim provides and her exceptional way of delivering them has given me a clearer purpose, filled with endless possibilities. And her mentorship is priceless!"

Judy Goldman

CEO of Goldman Healthworks

"Kim was an integral part of my previous company’s achievement of Inc. 500’s 26th fastest growing company. If you’re seeking to develop your business, I highly recommend getting Kim on board to create clarity, strategy and execution."

Bob Shenefelt

CEO of iMatter

“From the moment Kim and I started working together I was relieved that someone finally understood what I wanted… and then she took it to the next level! It’s as if she understands my vision better than I do! Kim has provided an outstanding service that is professional and creative and I would highly recommend her!”

Shemane Nugent

CEO ShemaneNugent.Rocks


Work With Me Virtually:

Clients often ask me if virtual sessions are as powerful as in-person sessions, and they absolutely are (and you're conveniently in the comfort of your own home or office!)


A Little About Me...

I've always been a go-getter and knew I was here to make a positive impact in the world, but my ambition as an entrepreneur and President of a demanding business led me to become burnt-out and feeling unfulfilled, even though I'd achieved a level of success that many people strive for.

I was also carrying the baggage of unresolved trauma from my adolescence, and I wanted to heal it so it didn't negatively impact my daughter or hold me back from living my true potential.

My desire to heal burn-out and past trauma led me to study spiritual healing. I discovered energy medicine (including shamanic healing, Reiki, chakra balancing, and more) and although I was skeptical about it, I decided to try it with an open mind. It became a significant catalyst for evolutionary transformation in my life, and the foundation I would rely on time and again through many traumatic experiences.

I studied with some of the world's most renowned experts for 15+ years, including Dr. Alberto Villoldo. I am honored to have received my Master Energy Medicine Practitioner/Shaman certification from Dr. Villoldo.

My intention in these sacred trainings was to empower myself. However, since I received certifications to serve others as part of these trainings, I developed a passion for sharing these gifts. I've had my own spiritual healing business for over 20 years, but I kept it low-key because I was worried about what my business colleagues would think. I was hiding my true self, and only presented the side of my self that I felt safe to share...the successful business woman who appeared to have it all together on the outside, but inside I was struggling with feeling inauthentic and unfulfilled.

The unexpected deaths of my only child and my mother turned my world upside down and changed the trajectory of my life. I encountered indescribable grief, health issues, and the darkest night of the soul I wasn't sure I'd return from. 

Something inside me wanted to find the magic and meaning in life that was once so fulfilling to me because I knew my daughter would want me to, and I knew I was here for a reason.

I turned to energy medicine and sacred healing practices to help me transform the nature of my grief, restore my health and power, find my way out of the darkness, and discover a deeper understanding of my soul's purpose. This propelled me to break free from hiding in the proverbial spiritual closet and embrace my passion for guiding others on their path of Sacred Empowerment and be who I really amazing Success and Spiritual Empowerment Coach!


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Disclaimer: Services and products offered by Kim Coots are not medical care; they do not diagnose, cure, or prescribe medical care; they offer no guarantees and are not a replacement for medical care. Kim is not a licensed medical provider. If you require medical or mental health care, please see a licensed medical practitioner.