Are you a high-achieving woman who's driven to succeed but you find yourself:

Lacking a healthy work/life're constantly working and taking care of others, leaving little time for yourself?

Acting like you have it all together on the outside, but inside you feel overwhelmed, frustrated, or unfulfilled despite your achievements?

Repressing your intuitive nature to match the energy of others (especially in a male-dominant environment) and feel like you're not being authentic?

Stop settling for a level of success that's filled with anxiety, stress and frustration.

Start creating high quality success that you enjoy and makes a positive impact for others by focusing the power of your intuition and intellect.

The problem is, many women struggle with how to effectively harness the power of their intuition and intellect and it backfires on them.

This results in experiencing unnecessary stress, frustration, and overwhelm.

  • For example, if one of your intuitive abilities is empathy, it can leave you feeling drained if you don’t know how to filter out other peoples’ emotions from your own. Can you relate?
  • To make things worse, a lack of control over your thoughts can enable unreliable emotions to drive actions that negatively impact your attitude, relationships, goals and well-being...working hard but experiencing little-to-no joy in your achievements.
  • And you end up feeling like you've lost touch with your authentic self, and long for more purpose, peace and fulfillment in life.


When you mindfully master your intuition and intellect, you can focus your drive-to-achieve toward creating what brings you joy while making a positive impact in the lives of others.

You were born with intuition for a reason, and it is possible to create success without all the stress and anxiety that many high-achieving women experience. Begin by taking the Intuition Archetype Quiz to discover which intuitive abilities are most powerful for you.


Meet Kim Coots

Kim Coots is a women’s empowerment and success coach, speaker, and best-selling author. She’s been an intuitive woman in business for over 25 years, receiving an Inc. 500 award for her leadership contribution in reaching the 26th fastest growing company in America.

Kim has led the transformation of several 7-figure businesses that were losing money into profitable businesses that led to successful acquisitions, and she's served as a leader at a company recognized by Forbes as one of the Top 25 Small Giants in America.


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