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Mending the Wounds of Grief

Kim Coots is a certified Grief Coach, Spiritual Counselor, and Evidential Medium.

She knows firsthand how devastating the death of a loved one is. After the unexpected deaths of her only child and mother just three weeks apart, Kim struggled with grief and found that traditional grief support like medications, psychiatry, and grief groups did little to help her. She didn't resonate with the religious grief support options she encountered either.

Kim turned to the spiritual practices that she's used for over twenty years to heal from childhood trauma and corporate burnout for support in mending the wounds of her grief and connecting with loved ones on the Other Side. 

Her mission is to help those who've lost a loved one discover a different way to grieve and find healing, connection, and closure with loved ones in Spirit.

Society may not know how to support the grieving, but the Spirit world does.

Grief Support Package

If you're struggling with grief after the death of a loved one and you're open to a spiritual approach, schedule a complimentary call with Kim to find out if her grief support package is a fit:

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Benefits of Grief Support with Kim:

Kim customizes your grief support package to your needs. Packages may include a combination of grief coaching, evidential mediumship, and spiritual healing sessions to help you:

  • Process the many emotions of grief in a healthier way
  • Feel held in a compassionate safe space with support that is non-judgmental 
  • Connect with your spirit guides and loved ones on the Other Side
  • Find closure with loved ones in Spirit that you didn't get to have before they transitioned
  • Learn spiritual tools and practices that will support you throughout life
  • Revitalize and rebalance your energy
  • Reduce anxiety and stress
  • Be more present in your relationships and/or career
  • Decide your next steps in life
  • Be understood and empowered by someone on the journey with grief
  • Find magic and meaning in life, even though you're grieving
  • Experience love between worlds

Request a complimentary discovery call with Kim to see if her Grief Support Package is a fit for you. Click the "Let's Talk" button below, answer and submit some questions so Kim can get to know you better, and she'll reach out to you with next steps about scheduling a complimentary call with her.

Sessions are conducted via Zoom so you can participate from the comfort of your own home.

Note - Discovery calls are for people who are serious about working with Kim, and for Kim to learn about your needs to see if her services are a fit. These calls are not free readings or sessions.

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"I wanted to let you know what a benefit this has been. I feel this has had the greatest impact and benefit as far as reducing my grief, of anything else I've tried. Family and friends want to help but in so many ways have made it harder for me to grieve. They are so concerned if I get emotional or weep. I seem to be the only one that realizes that is exactly what I need to do to fully grieve!" - L.O.


"I've never had anyone personally guiding me & helping me along the way like you do. You are very inspiring & motivating! I love the non-judgmental atmosphere you have provided. It feels so good to take this time for myself & my health. I already feel stronger!" - G.T.


"Working with Kim is transformational and powerful. She shares from a place of wisdom and gently helps me find answers within myself." - K.W.



When a loved one dies, grief can feel so heavy and exhausting. This 15-minute guided audio meditation can help you feel more supported, balanced, present, connected, and capable during the most difficult times.


Disclaimer: Services and products offered by Kim Coots are not medical care; they do not diagnose, cure, or prescribe medical care; they offer no guarantees, and are not a replacement for medical care. Kim is an Ordained Minister and Certified Grief Coach, Evidential Medium, and Spiritual Healing Practitioner, but she is not a licensed healthcare provider. If you require medical or mental health care, please see a licensed medical practitioner.