Learn How to  Connect with Your Loved Ones in Heaven

Even if You're Scared, Skeptical, or Never Have Before.





Learn How to  Connect with Your Loved Ones in Heaven

Even if You're Scared, Skeptical, or Never Have Before.


March 30, 2024

11am - 2pm EST

Have You Experienced the Death of a Loved One and You're:


Struggling with the absence of their presence?

Wishing you could connect with them and know that they're ok?

Thinking you can't connect with them because you don't have special "gifts"?

Doubting if the signs you've received are real, or if you're just making them up?

Wondering why you haven't received any signs yet?

Fearing that you won't be able to connect if you try?

If so, you're not alone, and you're in the right place.

This Training is the Resource I Wish I'd Had When My Daughter Died Unexpectedly


I'm Kim Coots - an Inc. 500 award-winning business executive turned evidential medium and empowerment counselor. I created this workshop for women who desire to continue a connection with their loved one(s) in Heaven but feel skeptical, scared, or don't know how to; because I know firsthand what this feels like.

I used to be uncomfortable with the topic of ADC (After Death Communication) and mediumship. But when my only child, Keira, died of fentanyl poisoning, I wanted to continue a connection with her more than anything. I found that most people didn't understand my desire, and even though I was afraid I wouldn't be able to connect, I set out to learn if connection is possible, and find proof. I had no idea how this journey of connection would change the trajectory of my life, career, and relationship with Keira. 

I learned how to have a direct connection with Keira on the Other Side, as well as create a new relationship with her. This was an essential component of my healing journey and my ability to begin living empowered after loss, rather than just existing or staying stuck in the darkness of grief. In this online workshop, I teach other women how to connect with their loved one(s), too.

Over 60 Million People Report Experiencing After Death Communication (ADC). Imagine What You Can Experience with a Powerful Training Like This…

Overcome Your Fears & Doubts

Release your fears and doubts about After Death Communication (ADC) and recognize the signs.

Sense Your Loved One's Presence

You can learn how to sense your loved ones, even if you don't think you're born with special gifts.

Experience Love Between Worlds™

Discover how to connect with your loved one(s) in Heaven and begin a new relationship.

If you want to connect with your loved one(s) in Heaven, and would like the compassionate support and guidance of a teacher who's on the same path of living after loss, you're in the right place.

Introducing the Online

Learn and practice powerful techniques for experiencing a direct connection with your loved one(s) in Heaven...even if you're scared, skeptical, or never have before.


One-Time Payment of $297 $97

***Limited Time Special Pricing***


Inside this Training, You'll Discover:

Common Myths, Fears, & Blocks

And how to overcome them with confidence.

What it Feels Like to Connect with Heaven

This will be helpful for your own practice.

How Loved Ones Connect with Us

So you know how to recognize their communication.

My #1 Technique for Connecting

That you'll practice during and after the workshop!

The Connecting with Heaven Quiz

Discover your most powerful soul language for connecting.

How to Strengthen Connection

So you can create a healthy, new relationship.

One-Time Payment of $297 $97 (limited time special pricing)


Plus You Receive These Bonuses ($197 Value):

Guided Practice Meditations

You'll receive access to two guided meditations to support your connection practice. 

Intuition Confidence Mini-Course

Access online training videos, meditations, and exercises to help you strengthen your connection. 

Guide to Signs from the Other Side

Receive my digital guide to help you recognize signs that loved ones send.

Private Facebook Group

Connect with other women from the workshop, and share your connection celebrations.

It IS possible for you to have a connection to your loved one(s) in Heaven. This workshop will show you how.


I created this workshop specifically for women to help them find connection, hope, and healing so they can live empowered after loss.

Many women think that death is the end of a relationship when a loved one dies, and this often creates unbearable pain. But the truth is, only the body dies...not the love, and not your loved one's spirit. While your relationship will be different, it is possible to experience love between worlds™. Learning how to have a connection is the first step.



  • Exclusive access to the Online Workshop Portal: where all your video training, audio meditations, workshop info, bonuses and more are located for your convenience.
  • The On-Demand Workshop that you can experience at your convenience, from the comfort of your own home.
  • Digital Workbook
  • Two guided audio meditations
  • The Connecting with Heaven Quiz
  • Access to the Intuition Confidence Online Mini-Course
  • Membership in the private Facebook Group
  • The digital Guide to Signs from the Other Side
  • Occasional group Q&A calls with me to answer your questions
  • Exclusive opportunity not offered to the public for private mentorship with Kim if you want 1:1 support (additional charge)


  • Register for the workshop (or sign up for the waitlist if workshop registration is currently closed). Note: members of the waitlist receive first chance to register when registration opens before the public does).
  • After registering, you'll receive an email with access to the online portal (make sure [email protected] is whitelisted for your email provider to avoid emails going into your spam folder).
  • Inside the online portal you'll find access to the training, including how to prepare for the training, on-demand access to the workshop video training, and all bonuses and downloads.
  • Join the private Facebook group to connect with me and other women in the training to celebrate connections.

Meet Your Teacher 

Kim Coots was an Inc. 500 award-winning business leader for over 30 years when the unexpected death of her daughter, Keira, changed the trajectory of Kim's life and career.

Despite her skepticism of After Death Communication (ADC) and mediumship, Kim followed her desire to continue a connection with Keira and researched everything she could to find proof of ADC. Kim discovered it is possible to connect with loved ones on the Other Side.

This quest led to Kim becoming a professional Evidential Medium, Empowerment Counselor, and Teacher specializing in helping women connect with their loved ones in Heaven and live empowered after loss. 

Kim received certifications in Evidential Mediumship, Grief Coaching and Energy Medicine. She is also an Ordained Metaphysical Minister, and professional astrologer. She is currrently completing her PhD in Metaphysical Counseling.

Here’s Why You'll Love This Training:

💕It's Specifically Created to Help Women Connect with Their Loved Ones in Heaven, Even if They Never Have Before.💕


Most after death communication (ADC) or mediumship trainings are based on connecting with transitioned loved ones for other people instead of your own loved ones. This training is specifically focused on you connecting with YOUR loved ones.

You Won't Just Learn, You'll Experience. You'll Receive Training + Tools + Techniques to Support Your Connection .


Practicing your connection with your loved one(s) in Heaven helps strengthen your bond and develop your communication through your soul languages. This training will give you the tools and confidence to continue (and enjoy) your practice.

🌸You'll Be Learning in a Compassionate and Safe Space From a Teacher Who is Also Living After Significant Loss.🌸


I found that most traditional grief support options felt cold or clinical. I was looking for a training like this, from a teacher who understands, that allowed me to explore what's on my heart in a safe, compassionate space with other women on this journey.

This Is For Women Who:

  • Have experienced the death of a loved one and desire to continue a connection.
  • Are open to learning new concepts and techniques. This is not a religious program but it is spiritual in nature. We're working with the Spirit world.
  • Are willing to practice and work to develop your abilities for connection.
  • Are at least 18 years of age.
  • Are mentally stable to handle emotional experiences.
  • Can be considerate and compassionate of others in the workshop.

This Is NOT For Women Who:

  • Aren't open to learning and exploring new or spiritual concepts and techniques.
  • Expect instant results.
  • Aren't willing to practice and do the work.
  • Are negative or lack compassion towards self and/or others in the group.
  • Have not experienced the death of a loved one.
  • Aren't at least 18 years of age.
  • Aren't mentally stable enough to handle emotional experiences.

What Past Participants Say About My Trainings & Programs:

“I wanted to let you know what a benefit this (training) has been. I get to visit with my son every day. Many other family members have come as well. I've expressed my feelings and cried each day. I feel this has had the greatest impact and benefit as far as reducing my grief, of anything else I've tried. So I wanted to thank you for this gift!" L.U.

"Kimberly - I've never had anyone personally guiding me & helping me along the way like you do. You are very inspiring & motivating! I love the non-judgmental atmosphere you have provided & the awesome people I get to connect with. It feels so good to take this time for myself!" ~ Gin 

“It has been an honor to participate in the program. You have a very simple approach, which makes it so easy for beginners like me to connect with new ways of thinking and looking at things. Thank you so much for sharing your gifts and vision with us.” ~ Anja G. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Special Pricing is Limited

Regular pricing is at least $297...take advantage of the special pricing of just $97 while it lasts.


Leave Your Fears and Doubts Behind and Join Me for this Powerful Training


If you desire to have a connection with your loved one in Heaven, there's no better time than now to get compassionate, guided support from a teacher who understands your fears, desires, and what it takes to continue a connection.


Begin the journey of connection so you can experience a sense of healing and love between worlds™

Your Loved One(s) in Heaven Really Are Still with You.


Knowing this opens a path of hope, healing, and courage. Fear and doubt don't have to hold you back from experiencing the depth of love that still exists, and the hope and healing this connection leads to.

The Truth is:

  • Love and connection doesn't end after the death of the body
  • You CAN have a connection with your loved one(s) in Heaven, either through a reputable evidential medium, by learning to on your own, or both...like I did
  • You can confidently recognize signs from your loved one(s)
  • You don't have to be a born medium to connect with the Other Side
  • You can find hope, healing, and purpose in living after loss

Join Me for this Powerful Workshop

One-Time Payment of $297 $97

***Limited Time Special Pricing***


Disclaimer:  This workshop does not include personal mediumship readings for students. If you are interested in receiving a mediumship reading, please visit  www.KimCoots.com to request a reading. The intention of this program is to teach you spiritual practices that Kim utilizes to connect with her loved ones on the Other Side, and has taught to others to successfully utilize to connect with their loved ones in Spirit. Kim cannot guarantee your results will be the same as hers or other students. By registering for this workshop, you agree that your results are up to you based on your efforts, beliefs, and skillset. Due to the nature of the program and to keep pricing low, there are no refunds. This training does not prescribe, treat or serve as medical support or advice; and is not intended to replace any medical care or treatment. 

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