The Intuition Archetypes

This article explores the Intuition Archetypes, their respective strengths and weaknesses, and how they impact our lives. 

What Is Intuition?

The dictionary defines intuition as the ability to know something or receive information without conscious reasoning. It can be described as a strike of inspiration, a hunch or “gut” feeling of knowing what to do, or it may come as a feeling of caution to alert you when something is “off.”

As a highly intuitive woman who can “see” and communicate with spiritual beings, I know intuition to be a direct connection to our Creator. I study and teach Napoleon Hill’s Success Principles as outlined in his world-renowned book Think and Grow Rich, and he calls this Infinite Intelligence.

I think of intuitive gifts or abilities as superpowers from our Creator. They serve as a direct connection to the divine to guide, protect and empower you if you accept it. You can read more about intuition and how it...

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Intuition and Success

intuition success Feb 03, 2019

Understanding Intuition and Success

Being an intuitive woman in the business world, I can say without a doubt that intuition has made a tremendous impact on my success. When I first discovered my intuitive abilities at the beginning of my business career, I didn’t realize how helpful they were to stress management, strategy, and well-being until I started repressing them.

As an executive female in a male-dominated industry, I feared my male counterparts in business wouldn’t take me seriously so I hid these abilities and put on a business persona that felt inauthentic. Religious influences also caused me to question whether my gifts were bad. This lead to anxiety, stress and finally depression.

I finally took control of my mind and owned my gifts. The quality of my success sky-rocketed from anxiety and stress to purpose, peace of mind and greater prosperity.

Before we dive deeper into intuition’s effect on success, let’s look at what intuition and success are:...

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