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by Kim Coots - Evidential Medium & Grief Coach
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When a loved one dies, the grief can seem unbearable and unpredictable. Elisabeth Kubler Ross identified five stages of grief: denial (shock), anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. Everyone has their own experience with grief, and it is not uncommon to fluctuate back and forth between these stages or experience them all in the same day.

One of the grief support tools that I teach my clients is working with crystals or stones. Crystals are naturally formed in and mined...

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The death of a loved one may be the hardest experience you’ll ever face. If you’re new to the grief that comes along with living after a loss, it can be very challenging to navigate the unexpected feelings and emotions that come in waves.


It can also feel very lonely when you’re grieving, and others around you who haven’t experienced a loss like yours may not understand. You may also get a blank stare or silence from others when you express your grief, making it...

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