What to Expect During a Psychic Medium Reading

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If you are reading this article because a loved one has transitioned, my heart goes out to you. I understand how devastating it is when a loved one dies, and it is natural to want to know that they are ok and that you're still connected to them.

It's also natural to be nervous or wonder what to expect during a reading, especially with the misrepresentation of mediumship readings featured in movies and television shows. I write this article from the perspective of being in the shoes of a grieving mother seeking validation of connection with my daughter in Spirit, as well as being an evidential medium who provides readings myself.


Intuition is the Language of the Soul

There are several types of mediumship, and we will focus on what is called "mental mediumship." This involves a medium communicating with the Spirit world through their intuitive senses. Intuition is the language of the soul and a primary method of communication for those who are living to connect and communicate with those who have transitioned to the Other Side. Clairvoyance ("clear seeing"), Clairsentience ("clear feeling"), Claircognizance ("clear knowing"), and Clairaudience ("clear hearing") are some of the most common intuitive senses.


How Mediumship Works

Three components are required for a mediumship session or "reading." First is the medium, second is the living loved one, and third is the loved one in Spirit (or Spirit person). The medium uses intuitive senses to establish an energetic connection with the living loved one with the intention of also connecting with their loved one in Spirit. A medium cannot guarantee that a connection will be made or even which loved ones in Spirit will present themselves. However, if there is a specific Spirit person you'd like to connect with, a focused intention by you and the medium may help with connecting with that specific loved one.

Spirit people don't talk or communicate like we do because they no longer need a physical body. Their energy vibrates at a much higher frequency than we do, as human bodies are much denser. A medium has to be able to raise their frequency enough to establish an energetic connection with the Spirit world. The medium may have difficulty connecting and have to reschedule your session if they are ill, experiencing life challenges, or feeling emotionally low.


Finding a Medium

If you don't already know of a medium you'd like to consult, I recommend seeking an evidential medium. If you aren't sure what an evidential medium is, you can learn more by reading my article titled What is a Psychic Medium.

There are many great evidential mediums, and you'll find that you resonate with some more than others. If you resonate with a medium, they'll most likely resonate with you too, and the connection with your loved one in Spirit will be stronger.

Although many mediums are called "psychic" mediums, it doesn't mean that you'll be getting a psychic reading during your session. Psychic simply means that mediums utilize their intuition to establish a connection and communicate with loved ones in Spirit. Mediums receive information from a loved one in Spirit. Psychics perceive information by reading energy.  


How to Prepare for Your Reading

Readings are typically 15-60 minutes long and are conducted via phone, Zoom, or in-person. I recommend waiting at least three months after a loved one transitions before having a reading. This is partly due to giving you time to process grief and shock that can block a connection and partly to give your loved one time to transition and become fully acclimated on the Other Side. Each person has their own timing for transitioning when they die.

You can help the medium establish a stronger connection by setting the intention to connect with your loved one ahead of time and during the reading, telling your loved one in Spirit know that the reading is going to take place, releasing all expectations or attachments, and focusing on the love you share with your loved one.

Some mediums will record the session so that you don't have to worry about taking notes, and you can stay focused on the connection and what is being shared. If not, you may want a pen and paper handy to capture notes during the reading. Try to breathe and relax throughout the reading.


What Happens During a Reading

When the reading begins, the medium will give you instructions and an overview of what to expect. When I do evidential readings, I will ask my "sitter" (the living person receiving the reading) just to give me "yes," "no," or "I'm not sure answers" to information or questions I give them and avoid providing any additional information.

In an evidential mediumship reading, the medium will focus on providing evidential information that the sitter can validate to know who the Spirit person is. This may include what the Spirit person looks like, their relationship to you, their personality or characteristics, their career, how they died, or other factors of significance that the sitter can validate.

If the Spirit person is someone who died before the sitter was born or when they were too young to remember, validation may be more challenging than for a Spirit person that lived during the sitter's lifetime.


How the Medium Receives Information

Once an energetic connection is established with a Spirit person, the medium relies on their intuition to sense what the Spirit person is trying to share. The medium may receive this as a vision, a feeling, a knowing, a conversation in their head, or a combination of these senses.

Sometimes the information comes in symbols that have a symbolic meaning the Spirit person is trying to portray, rather than a literal meaning. For example, suppose the medium senses a white flower. In that case, the Spirit person could be referencing an actual white flower because it has significance, or it could be a symbol of asking for forgiveness.

In a reading I did, the vision of a full sail on a sailboat was significant because "full sail" was part of a lyric in a song that was meaningful. If the information doesn't make complete sense, be open to exploring what it could mean. Sometimes information that is shared is validated after a reading too.

Learning this amazing soul language takes time, patience, and practice for the medium to develop. The level of connection that occurs between the sitter, the Spirit person, and the medium makes a difference as well.


The Healing Power of Mediumship

The death of a loved one can be the most difficult experience some people will ever have, and mediumship can help those who are grieving find hope, healing, and purpose in living after loss.

I created my Love Between Worlds programs and retreats to help women transform their grief and connect with loved ones in Spirit on their own. I also offer a free, private Facebook group called Love Between Worlds.





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