What is Evidential Mediumship?

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“Mediumship” is becoming more commonly used and accepted, yet many people still don’t know what it means. In this post, I’ll share some insights about mediumship, starting with what a medium is.

What is a Medium?

A “medium” is someone who can communicate with the spirit world. Some mediums specialize in communicating with the spirits of those who have transitioned to the spirit plane (died), and can share messages with their living loved ones. Some mediums specialize in communicating with angels, spirit guides and other divine beings. 

What is Mediumship?

Mediumship is the practice of communicating with the spirit world by a medium, and it is a practice that is still widely misunderstood in society. Hollywood often portrays mediums as being involved with something scary, evil or disturbing.

The truth is, mediumship can actually be very healing for the grieving when it is practiced with reverence and compassion as the sacred healing art that it really is (rather than exploited for entertainment purposes or fame).

I find evidential mediumship to be the most profound type of mediumship because it includes the medium obtaining evidence from the spirit person that the medium would have no way of knowing, and sharing it with a living loved one who can validate the evidence. This evidence provides a sense of proof that the spirit person really is communicating, and who that spirit person truly is. That’s why I choose to be a professional evidential medium. 

Who Can be a Medium?

Some people are born with mediumship abilities and know they have these abilities for most of their life. However, people who aren’t born knowing and using these abilities can still become a medium and practice mediumship with training and consistent practice. The more intuitive you are, the easier mediumship becomes.

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