What is a Psychic Medium?

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A psychic medium is someone who can communicate with the spirit world. There are several ways in which a medium can serve. This article will explore what mediums do and how they can support you on your journey with grief. 

The “psychic” part of the phrase means that the medium utilizes intuitive senses to connect and communicate with the spirit world.  During a psychic or evidential mediumship reading, the medium connects psychically (through intuitive senses) with your loved ones on the Other Side to deliver messages.

From Scared to Sacred

“Mediumship” is the act of communicating with the spirit world by a medium. Perhaps because mediums have a connection to death, many people view mediumship as something uncomfortable. Culturally in the western world, mediumship is still largely misunderstood and misrepresented.

Hollywood often portrays mediums in horror films, as do several television shows. While there are mediums specializing in house clearings and supernatural phenomenon, there are several other capacities in which mediums serve. By sharing more about mediumship in this article, I hope that we can shift the perspective of mediumship being something scary into honoring it as something sacred because it is a sacred act of love and healing.


The Other Side Does Exist

I used to feel uncomfortable and skeptical about mediumship, even though I had two profound visits from my grandparents on the Other Side. In one instance, I had a very vivid and realistic dream with my deceased grandfather, and he told me that my grandmother would be dying soon but not to worry. He would be there to greet her, and she would be fine. Two months later, my grandmother died unexpectedly. I considered it a coincidence.

On the second occasion, I perceived the presence of that same grandmother visiting me from the Other Side, and she shared a message that there would be death in my family, but not to worry as she would be there for them and they would be fine. I did not know who “they” were, but I wondered if it was my imagination due to fear of my family members getting Covid. My only child died unexpectedly two months later, shortly after her 26th birthday. Three weeks later, my mother also died unexpectedly.

I was devastated, and I wanted nothing more than to know that my daughter, Keira, was okay and to have a connection with her. She died of an accidental drug overdose, which was also a shock to me, and I needed to know that she was in a good place.

My deceased grandparent’s visits and messages assured me that there is life after death. Also, that death is planned on a spiritual level, even if it appears unexpected on a physical level. But I still wanted to know without a doubt that Keira was okay.


Signs from the Other Side 

When Keira died, something miraculous happened. I began receiving signs from her on the Other Side! On one occasion, I was driving to the funeral home to drop off Keira’s pictures and my song choices for her tribute video. I had to pick two songs, but I could only decide on one. As I backed out of my garage, all the programmed radio stations on my Jeep went static and no longer came in. I pulled over and started scanning through the channels, and only one station would come in. The song that was playing on that one station took my breath away because it was the song that had always reminded me of Keira since she was a baby, and I considered it to be Keira’s song. That song was Sweet Child O’ Mine by Guns ‘N’ Roses. I knew that she was telling me to use that song in her tribute video because it was so meaningful for me.

I received many other signs from Keira, and in my heart, I knew it was her, but my mind wondered if I was making it up. Some people would consider the visits from my grandparents with messages about upcoming deaths, and the signs I received from Keira as enough validation of the afterlife, but I still had doubts. Perhaps because I’ve been a business executive operating in a fact-based, data-driven business world for decades, I wanted more proof, and I began researching everything I could about afterlife communications and mediumship.


Evidential Mediumship

I even began training as an “evidential medium” before consulting with a medium myself. An evidential medium is someone who can connect with a loved one in Spirit and receive evidence from them to share with the living loved one so that they can validate that you are, in fact connecting with their loved one on the Other Side. Comforting messages of love are also shared in an evidential mediumship reading. 

I loved the idea of an evidential reading because there is no subjectiveness to it, and the living can validate the connection with the loved one in Spirit. For example, when a medium can share information from a Spirit person that they would have no way of knowing, it is much more validating to the living loved one than a general message that could apply to anyone. 

I consulted with five different evidential mediums who did not know me. In each reading, I received powerful evidence that they could not have known and healing messages that validated Keira was safe, happy, and still with me in Spirit. What a relief and blessing this validation is!

 As in any field, not all mediums are the same. Some mediums are more proficient than others. Some are practicing mediumship for fortune and fame. Some take it less seriously than others.  As an evidential medium myself, I consider mediumship to be a sacred act of healing and a spiritual path of service that I respect.

 The death of a loved one can be the most difficult experience some people will ever face in their life. Mediumship can make a significant difference in how someone grieves the loss of their loved one, as well as how they live their life after loss.


More Proof of the Afterlife

I began a new relationship with Keira and continued learning to connect and communicate with her. Sharing this love between worlds with her has been an essential and powerful part of my healing journey, and now I teach other women how to experience a love between worlds with their loved ones in Spirit. 

As part of my advanced evidential mediumship, I had to begin providing practice readings for others. I discovered two amazing things! One is that Keira is a guide in helping me connect with Spirit people and provide evidence and comforting message to their living loved ones. Ironically, she loved learning foreign language and was studying to become an interpreter and translator.  She's doing that now on the Other Side by working with me to bring loving, healing messages through to the living.

The second thing I discovered was that although I never grew up “seeing dead people” or trying to be a medium, I discovered that I am a medium. The messages and evidence I’ve been able to share have been profoundly healing for the living, the Spirit person, and even for me. Each reading I do is additional validation that our loved ones in Spirit really are with us, and the Other Side DOES exist!


Be Your Own Medium 

While consulting with an evidential medium is comforting and healing, and I highly recommend it, I also encourage you to be your own medium. It may require learning how to transform your grief enough to sense your loved ones, develop your intuitive senses, and understand how the Spirit world operates, but you can do it!  Tips and training on my website can help.

You Are Not Alone

Your loved ones in Spirit and guides and angels are supporting you from the Spirit world. You may find that other people may not understand your quest for connecting with your loved ones on the Other Side, and that’s okay. I want to assure you that your desire for connection is normal, and you are not alone.




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