Intuition and Success

intuition success Feb 03, 2019

Understanding Intuition and Success

Being an intuitive woman in the business world, I can say without a doubt that intuition has made a tremendous impact on my success. When I first discovered my intuitive abilities at the beginning of my business career, I didn’t realize how helpful they were to stress management, strategy, and well-being until I started repressing them.

As an executive female in a male-dominated industry, I feared my male counterparts in business wouldn’t take me seriously so I hid these abilities and put on a business persona that felt inauthentic. Religious influences also caused me to question whether my gifts were bad. This lead to anxiety, stress and finally depression.

I finally took control of my mind and owned my gifts. The quality of my success sky-rocketed from anxiety and stress to purpose, peace of mind and greater prosperity.

Before we dive deeper into intuition’s effect on success, let’s look at what intuition and success are:


What Is Intuition?

 The dictionary defines intuition as the ability to know something or receive information without conscious reasoning. It can be described as a strike of inspiration, a hunch or “gut” feeling of knowing what to do, or it may come as a feeling of caution to alert you when something is “off.”

As a highly intuitive woman who can “see” and communicate with spiritual beings, I know intuition to be a direct connection to our Creator. I study and teach Napoleon Hill’s Success Principles as outlined in his world-renowned book Think and Grow Rich, and he calls this Infinite Intelligence.

I think of intuitive gifts or abilities as superpowers from our Creator. They serve as a direct connection to the divine to guide, protect and empower you if you accept it.


Intuitive Abilities

 There are four main intuitive abilities:

Clairvoyance: also known as “clear seeing.” This ability may be stronger for people who are highly visual, can “see” the big picture or are the creative visionary leaders.


Claircognizance: also known as “clear knowing” and “gut instincts.” People with this ability seem to know things without explanation or prior knowledge.


Clairsentience: also known as “clear feeling.” People with this ability tend to be very sensitive to sensing or even feeling the emotions of others, and it can be difficult to filter out your feelings from those you encounter until you learn how to manage this gift.


Clairaudience: also known as “clear hearing.” People with this ability tend to hear an inner dialogue that provides guidance. It can be challenging to discern the voice of the ego from the voice of intuition; however, the qualities of each are very different.


The 5 Intuition Types:

As someone who has all four of these intuition gifts, I’ve studied them to identify their strengths and challenges, and I classified them into 5 Intuition Types. The 5th Type is someone who is gifted with multiple abilities. You can learn more about these 5 Intuition Types in my blog post HERE. You can also take the Intuition Quiz to discover which of the 5 Types are most powerful for you.


Who Has Intuition? 

Everyone has the capability of having one or more intuitive gifts. I teach businesswomen which factors can help you develop your intuition, and which factors block your intuition in my free intuition training.


What Is Success?

Many people think of success as the achievement of what you desire, which is often measured in material gain. That’s how I used to define it too until I achieved the material things I desired, yet still felt unfulfilled and also stressed out.

For many of my 25+ years as a business leader, I put much of my time and energy into my career, and my health and happiness was off balance. As I got older, it started catching up with me, and I realized that this was not the quality of life I desired.

I began looking at how to create “high-quality” success, which I define as the ability to achieve what you desire and make a positive impact in the world while enjoying health, wealth and happiness too.

I discovered four key elements that, when empowered, create the foundation for achieving high-quality success and I teach this formula to intuitive women in leadership.


How Does Intuition Influence Success?

Intuition can sabotage or support your success, depending on how you use (or not use) it. While you don’t need to go around telling people you’re intuitive, you do need to acknowledge, accept and be mindful of your gifts.

Tapping into your intuition can help you reduce stress, gain clarity, and open up to receive inspirational ideas. When I’m in the flow of this connection to Infinite Intelligence and trusting in my intuition, amazing ideas come to me, and I can create extraordinary things in an amazingly small amount of time.

Have you ever experienced feeling like you’re in the flow, information comes to you from out of nowhere, and you create something in an extraordinarily short amount of time?

Mis-using or repressing your intuition can lead to anxiety, stress, frustration, and depression. Anything you suppress about yourself tends to come out in not-so-nice ways, or what I call the “shadow side.” For example, if you have the gift of empathy and you don’t mindfully utilize this gift, you can become overwhelmed by the emotions of others.


Intuition and Success 

There are several articles about how intuition has influenced the success of entrepreneurs. Some examples include articles in Forbes, Inc. Magazine and Fast Company.

Without a doubt, accepting, developing and integrating my intuition in my life and business has been a powerful catalyst in upgrading my health, wealth and happiness.


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