Crystals for Grief

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When a loved one dies, the grief can seem unbearable and unpredictable. Elisabeth Kubler Ross identified five stages of grief: denial (shock), anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. Everyone has their own experience with grief, and it is not uncommon to fluctuate back and forth between these stages or experience them all in the same day.

One of the grief support tools that I teach my clients is working with crystals or stones. Crystals are naturally formed in and mined from the Earth and come in many shapes, colors, and sizes. They also offer spiritual and healing attributes in addition to their beauty.

Crystals can be worn as jewelry, carried in your pocket or purse, placed in your environment, or used as an elixir.


7 Crystals for Grief:

I listed seven of the top crystals that I recommend for grief support.

I’ve also included an image of the crystal from my collection and a link to Amazon, where you can find examples of crystals for purchase. Please note that we are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. We’re required to inform you that if a reader clicks on the links provided below and purchases a product from Amazon, we may earn a small percentage of the sale. You can also research and buy these crystals from your own preferred sources.




A very popular and powerful stone, Amethyst provides support on physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental levels. Place on a nightstand or under your pillow. It can also provide relief from insomnia, a common symptom of grief. It is also helpful to those who are making the transition through death. It is protective and calming. It’s easy to find, and common forms include clusters, jewelry, and tumbled stones.





A form of black obsidian stone, apache tear helps transmute negativity, soothe and comfort grief, and promote forgiveness. The support it provides tends to be gentler than other types of obsidian, and it also helps to remove self-limitations. You’ll most often find them in the form of a small, black rock.

In general, black obsidian is protective, repels negativity, and promotes emotional release.





Deep blue in color, Azurite can provide emotional relief for grief, sadness, worry, and stress. It also aids in intuitive development, making it a helpful stone for those who desire to transform grief and connect with their loved ones in Spirit.

It tends to be slightly more expensive and more difficult to find than some of the other stones, and you’ll commonly find it in a small, raw stone form or as a smoother tumbled stone.





Also known as “Mangano Calcite,” this stone assists with releasing grief and soothing heartache due to loss or trauma. It also helps prevent nightmares and anxiety. This crystal is also known for its ability to help you connect with the angelic realm.

It’s not as common as other crystals, and you’ll typically find it in a palm-size, smooth pink stone.





The most popular and common of all crystals, clear quartz is used in watches and as an amplifier of energy, including amplifying properties in other stones near it.

It’s known as a master healer and can help treat any condition. It comes in many colors that offer specific mind, body, and spirit attributes.

Quartz is typically very easy to find, relatively inexpensive, and comes in multiple forms, including jewelry, crystal points, clusters, and tumbled stone.






Rose quartz is a variation of clear crystal quartz and is pink in color. In addition to the properties listed in “Quartz Crystal.” It’s known as the “unconditional love” stone, promoting peace. It transmutes negative energy and encourages more loving energy. It helps release emotions and soothes heartache.

Rose quartz is also very easy to find, relatively inexpensive, and comes in multiple forms, including jewelry, crystal points, clusters, and tumbled stone.






Purple in color, sugilite is also known as a “love stone” and helps one connect with their soul. It also aids in helping you find answers to soul-searching questions that are common in life, especially after experiencing loss. It helps to bring light and love to dark situations.

Sugilite is not as easy to find as other stones, and it tends to be more expensive.


Honoring loved ones with crystals:

When my daughter and only child died unexpectedly, followed by my mom just three weeks later, I wanted to honor them. I visited a crystal store in Sedona, AZ that I love, and I found two beautiful crystal sculptures to honor them.

Crystals have been a powerful tool in supporting me on my journey with grief. I wear them as jewelry, and they’re placed throughout my home. As an evidential medium, I also use specific crystals to connect with loved ones in Spirit for myself and those I do mediumship readings for.

Additional resources about crystals:

INTUITION: learn more about which crystals support intuition development and connection to loved ones in Spirit at my Crystals for Intuition blog post.


THE CRYSTAL BIBLE: I highly recommend this book to learn more about crystal properties, how to “cleanse” crystals, making elixirs, etc. It’s an excellent book and the resource I refer to for my crystal needs!




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