Aligning with Your Soul

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The Call and Initiation
Sometimes in life, you may feel an inner call or a nudge that isn't entirely clear, but you sense it's potent. A traumatic event or significant loss can initiate that call, giving rise to deep, soul-searching questions that inspire a beckoning into your soul path and purpose.
This soul growth is rarely easy, and certain periods initiate more significant cycles of growth than others. Your soul knows what you came here to learn, create, experience, and grow, but you (usually) aren't born remembering it. The forgetting of your soul's path and purpose, and the discovery of it through learning, creating, and experiencing life makes it truly life-changing.
The Soul Path
Circumstances and people are divinely destined to help you uncover your soul path on this journey called life. But the ego can make life seem more challenging when it is at odds with your soul, especially if your ego is seeking safety, security, living in the past, or chasing ambition when your soul is calling you to something greater. The ego doesn't understand why the soul would choose to experience a significant loss like the death of a loved one.
As an evidential medium, I can tell you without a doubt that there's more to life than a beginning and end to our time called life in the physical world. In communicating with those in Spirit, I also find that the things that seemed so hard here are the experiences that the soul came here to experience, and the pain or challenges of it are no longer felt in the Spirit world. Just the gift and growth from it.
If you feel like you've been stretched outside your comfort zone in ways you never have before, experiencing immense challenges, or just feeling a stronger "nudge" that you can't quite put your finger on, these are all signs of soul growth. Can you relate to experiencing a cycle of soul growth over the past year (or even several)?
If so, I can relate. The last 2.5 years (as of the time I'm writing this) have been the most challenging and humbling years of my life. I've experienced the deaths of my only child, mom, aunt, uncle, and friend; the diagnosis of a life-threatening disease in my beloved dog; leaving the home I loved to move cross-country to focus on healing and experiencing significant health issues.
These experiences have helped me deepen my connection to Spirit, my soul and a greater sense of purpose and meaning. I'm grateful to have a healthy, loving connection with my daughter on the Other Side.
"The older the soul, the more challenging the life." – Author Unknown
Tools for Aligning with Your Soul
As I reflect on learning how to live after significant loss and find the courage to explore my own soul-searching questions, three tools have been vital for me on this journey. These are also the tools I've studied and trained in for over twenty years and that I offer to my clients. They are:
1.    Mediumship, or communication with loved ones on the Other Side, has allowed me to connect with my loved ones in Spirit, as well as the loved ones of others.
2.    Astrology has allowed me to discover more about myself, including my soul purpose, life lessons, gifts, and challenges. Understanding my birth chart affirms that I didn't come here to have an easy life and empowers me to be my authentic self.
3.    Spiritual Healing has helped me experience profound healing in mind, body, emotions, and spirit. It's also helped me function when I wasn't sure I could and find a greater sense of inner peace and balance.
Experiencing the power of mediumship, astrology, and energy healing personally has made me even more passionate about providing these tools to others who are feeling called to receive support in times of soul growth and live more in alignment with their soul.
If ever you feel your soul path is lonely or challenging to walk, know that you aren't alone. You have divine guides, loved ones in Spirit, and living people who are here to support you, even if you aren't aware of them just yet.
The path to discovering and living in alignment with your soul may not be easy, but the sense of meaning and connection you gain are profound gifts.

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