Meet Kim Coots

Kim has been an intuitive business woman for over 25 years, receiving an Inc. 500 award for her leadership contribution in reaching the 26th fastest growing company in America.

She has led the transformation of several 7-figure businesses that were losing money into profitable businesses that led to successful acquisitions, and she serves as a leader at a company recognized by Forbes as one of the Top 25 Small Giants in America.

Her background is richly rooted in business development, and she previously served as an EOS® Implementer, helping leadership teams implement the Entrepreneurial Operating System®.

Kim is currently completing certification with the Napoleon Hill Foundation to teach the Science of Success as taught by Dr. Hill in the world-renowned best-seller, Think and Grow Rich.

Kim is as passionate about growing people as she is about growing businesses. With almost two decades of holistic wellness trainings, she's a best-selling author, and non-denominational ordained minister with certifications in coaching and multiple energy therapies. She is also a trained shamanic practitioner.

Kim resides in Michigan with her husband and beloved dog, Louis.


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